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Welcome to Natural Beauty By Val

Fine Natural Blowout Salon

Hello, my friend, my name is Val and I would like to personally welcome you to Natural Beauty By Val, fine natural hair blowout salon. My custom service, Val’s Signature blowout will momentarily transform your curl pattern through my safe process to help you achieve a beautiful luxurious Blowout. If you appreciate the Relaxer look but do not want to have to use chemicals to achieve the look’ then you are in the right place.

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Sure my life is not perfect but my Val's signature blowout is"

Valerie Duplan


Our Key Services

Val's Signature Blow out

Natural Beauty By Val specializes in  One main service. While we offer cutting-edge treatments to strengthen and improve your fine natural hair, I also focus on precautionary strategies to ensure my clients fine natural hair stay strong and healthy. Below you will find 10 great benefits  to help book your next fine natural hair blow out service.

Fine Natural hair is trained to be more manageable

Products are easily deposited in to the hair cuticles.

Fine Natural hair is well nourished and look healthy on the inside and outside.

Best time to do your quarterly trim

Help to Stop Breakage

Instantly get visible results.

Only have to manage and maintain on hair texture.

Last up to 3 weeks with proper care

Multiple style in one service.

Achieve to Relaxer look without having to apply any chemicals to your fine Natural Hair.

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 The Natural Beauty by Val Experience Podcast

A new place for you  Fine natural hair beauty to learn how to manage and maintain YOUR fine natural hair and Scalp.

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Opening Hours

Natural beauty by Val is here for you!

Thursday - Friday

9:00am - 10:00pm


7:00am - 7:00pm

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Contact Us

8501 Tower Point Dr.  Suit 109 Charlotte NC

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